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Our Story

From Marc-Andre Pouliot, President of The Keto Bakers:

I love bread, and I have a sweet tooth.

Before embarking on this journey, I used to weigh 255 lbs and I needed to lose weight for health reasons.

I began eating lower carb, starting by eliminating sugary drinks, and I got interested in low carb products to help with the weight loss.

Marc-Andre Pouliot, President of The Keto BakersThe issue I quickly found with many low-carb products, is that they are also low in calories and you don’t feel satiated after eating them. So I kept eating more and more without much result.

Then in my health journey, I came across the Keto diet and many of its tenants spoke to me and to the effect sugar and non-fiber carbs have on your body.

So I began my search for low carb products, such as bread and desserts, that would taste and feel like the real deal but also provide other benefits such as increased proteins, omega-3 and good fats in order to retain the calorie intake traditional foods have.

I tested loads of recipe variations, and failed many times at creating something I would enjoy eating.

I knew I had gotten it right when people who don’t normally eat Keto or low-carb, our family and even our kids, were excited about eating our keto breads and deserts.

Another benefit was to also give us a new option, with our breads and desserts, to eat plant based proteins in order to contribute to our sustainability efforts!

About the company

Bakery bread line

The Keto Bakers is part of The Mad Bakers, an industrial bakery located in Joliette, Quebec, Canada.  Our facility is state of the art, certified SQF, peanut-free, and kosher. Our team of master bakers has many years of experience creating artisan style bread in our industrial bakery.